How It Works

Getting Online Energy Calculations Has Never Been Easier

  • 1. The client sends the complete set of plans and building specifications, such as attic insulation R-values, wall insulation R-values, window performance values, and house orientation. All other required information can be taken directly from the plans.  View Example

  • 2. We design the house room-by-room matching the plans exactly. We then add all the specifications that were given. We add all windows and overhangs and make sure the house is orientated as specified.  View Example

  • 3. Once the house design is completed the program will then tell us the total required load (Btuh) and the total amount of CFM.    View Example

  • 4. Now that we know the load requirements we can now choose the correct size and brand equipment to meet these requirements. Brand selection is specified by the customer. Using the manufactures performance data we perform a Manual S. This lets us know if the performance of the selected equipment will meet the required load for the house at its specific location. The selected system must be between 95% and 115% of the required load.    View Example 1  View Example 2

  • 5. With the correctly sized equipment now selected, we design the duct design and Manual D for the house. The manual D shows us the correct size ducts, the amount of CFM and velocities that are required for each room to efficiently heat/cool the area.   View Example 1    View Example 2

  • 6.  This completes the Manual J/N, Manual D, Manual S, and Duct Design portion of the complete Energy Calculations.  View Examples Manual J, Manual D and Duct Design, Manual S.

  • 7. This step is only required in Florida. Once all of the Manuals are complete we then send this information to the Energy Gauge program. This program lets us know if the home will pass the Florida Energy Efficiency Code (Form R405-2017). The house must pass the energy performance test with a score of 100 or lower. The lower the number the more efficient the home.  View Example

  • 8. Once the home has passed code, we then combine the Form 405-2017, the Energy Performance Level Display Card (EPL), all of the Manual J/N, D, S, and Duct Design to provide the customer with the complete set of Energy Calculations. This full set will be submitted to the permitting department in the municipality in which the house will be built.